Tycoon Games CEO Helping Community into Entrepreneurship

Tycoon Games has a mission to help the Black community with their journey to entrepreneurship. The CEO, Kevin Woods started the company with a vision to empower the same community he witnessed growing up. There is a known lack within the school systems in predominantly black residential areas. He recalls a time where there was not a lot of opportunity to discuss setting up a business or entrepreneurship.


Tycoon Games LLC was created to have a different approach on handling the mindset of individuals and families. The company believes the more we discuss the topic and learn that we can create our own source of income at an early age or even as an adult, we’ll be able to transform our lives and essentially our families lives. This will lead to community impact.


In a recent interview with the Daily Scanner Woods gives a brief background into his beginning as an entrepreneur stating he considers himself as a “serial entrepreneur”. He clarifies, “ The first business I setup was a Technology Support Company and then started investing into real estate, buying, and selling distressed off market properties.”  While the CEO is an advocate for hard work, he also states,”working a 9-5 is good for some but not good for everybody and we cannot pass a job on to the next generation. I believe that generational wealth and true freedom comes from building investments that we can pass down to the next generation" The CEO believes that everyone starts somewhere, but should only use it as a vehicle to fund your own dreams. These are the same lessons taught in the brand’s board game ‘Business Tycoon’.


The word “Tycoon” was specifically selected to fit the company’s vision. Savvy entrepreneurs or someone that does business on a large scale is a concept missing from the African-American community. The goal is to introduce families, individuals, children, and adults to these concepts to learn about the business process such as starting an LLC. Other foreign concepts such as; how to manage assets, liabilities, using money as a tool and leveraging debt are also introduced in a playful manner.


Tycoon Games LLC has produced educational material towards that such as digital content in courses and workbooks,  Board Games, Video Games, card games, T-shirts, and Posters. Currently they are working on the next game which will be a card game.  


Learn more about Kevin Woods & Tycoon Games LLC by visiting his company's website at thetycoongames.com and following him on Instagram @MrTycoonG


Don’t forget to check out the ‘Business Tycoon’ board game here for a fun start to your entrepreneurial journey.